How to Maintain your Concrete Parking Lot

July 10, 2020

Maintaining Your COncrete Parking Lot

When a concrete parking lot is a few years old, it might start to show its age. When that happens, it may be time to start maintaining that asset.

Here are a few ways you can work to maintain your concrete parking lot in order to keep it in the best shape possible. 

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Concrete vs. Asphalt: Comparing Thickness and Strengths

July 8, 2020

Whether you use concrete or asphalt for your driveway or parking areas, there's no simple answer for what thickness is best. The correct answer depends on the weight it will bear, the kind of traffic it will see, the soil conditions, and the subbase of your project.

Think of the surface of your driveway or parking area as the roof of your house. If your foundation is crumbling, the whole house - including the roof - is going to shift. Likewise, if a wall collapses, the roof over that wall is going to sag. Like the roof of your house, the surface of your parking lot or driveway exists to drain off water, snow, dirt and other materials. It protects what is underneath it.

Just like your home props up your roof, your subbase is critically important in the longevity of your driveway and parking area. It must be smooth, level and free of all vegetation. The last thing you want is dandelions growing through the cracks in your driveway!

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How Expensive is a Concrete Parking Lot?

July 1, 2020

When comparing construction materials, it’s tempting to rule out the higher-priced item to meet budget needs and go for the lower cost item. But when it comes to choosing concrete for your parking lot, “good investment” is a better phrase than “most expensive”. 

Concrete is extremely durable and can last twice as long as asphalt. It’s also more comparable in price to asphalt than it used to be. Even if you understand that concrete is a better long-term investment, you still need to know how much it costs. Let’s break it down. 

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Design Options for Your Next Concrete Parking Lot Project

June 24, 2020

Parking lot design shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s the first and the last thing your building’s visitors see. While it might not seem like there are a lot of options when it comes to your concrete parking lot design, there are a lot of considerations before you start pouring the concrete. 

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Concrete Parking Lot: How it Benefits Your Business

June 5, 2020

The benefits of a concrete parking lot

Considering a concrete parking lot for your business? Youre making the right move!  Concrete is durable, long-lasting, requires very little maintenance and is a smart investment for your business. It looks pretty good, too! Let's dig a little deeper into the benefits a concrete parking lot can bring to your business. 

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Concrete vs. Asphalt: How Much Maintenance Does Each Require?

May 26, 2020

Taking care of your concrete will help it last longer and let you get the most out of your investment. The first year requires some effort, but it gets easier with each passing year.

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Why Does Concrete Crack? Are Cracks Bad?

May 19, 2020

Concrete is the most durable product you can use for the paving of parking lots, driveways, roadways, bridges and more. But all concrete cracks. To minimize large cracks, proper installation and maintenance play a huge part in the lifespan of your concrete driveway or parking area.

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Concrete vs. Asphalt: How Long Does Each Last

May 15, 2020

There's simply no comparison: Concrete lasts nearly twice as long as asphalt, making it a wise, long-term investment. The additional up-front costs of the concrete material itself and preparing the ground underneath the concrete can make a significant difference in the longevity of the material and the full life cycle cost comparison between concrete and asphalt.

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Concrete vs. Asphalt: Which is the Better Long-Term Investment?

May 11, 2020

There's a reason that concrete is the world's most widely used and most recycled construction material. A concrete surface can last twice as long as asphalt. That durability advantage means less maintenance, fewer repairs, and an end to the expensive reconstruction cycle. For a better, long-term investment, concrete is the easy choice.

Learn more about the differences between asphalt and concrete on this page.

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Concrete vs. Asphalt: Which Takes Longer?

May 8, 2020

Most people understand that two different materials will have different costs, but what about the time it takes to get the work done using each of those materials? For a business or resident who is impacted by the length of time it takes to rebuild a pavement, the duration of the project has an indirect cost to them. And that cost should be taken into account when deciding what type of material to use.

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