Cold Weather Concreting

Weather has a big impact on concrete placement; review the details on placing, protecting, and caring for concrete in cold weather.

Concrete Cylinders

Concrete cylinders are cast for a variety of applications. Read about technician qualifications, different types of cylinders, and the proper curing protocol.

Concrete Repairs

One of the many benefits of concrete is the low-cost maintenance; review best practices for quality upkeep and repairs.

Concrete Curing

Learn how to properly cure concrete roadways to fully hydrate, prevent cracking, and develop the desired engineering properties of the concrete.

Concrete Design Assistance

Using concrete in your paving project offers you a multitude of design options; Explore different ways to use concrete in your next project.

Flowable Fill

Find out why this low-strength material outperforms any comparative backfill material, and how you can use it to your advantage.

Free Virtual Seminars

Our virtual learning opportunities help you stay current on best practices in a variety of concrete categories. Enhance your knowledge base and grow your trade.

Hot Weather Concreting

Michigan's weather is always changing. Learn best practices for placing and caring for concrete in high temperatures.

Concrete Jointing

Review resources on how to properly design and build joints specific to concrete pavements.

MCA Concrete Specs Summary

Review this overview of codes, standards, and specifications and use as a reference when developing project-specific concrete requirements.

Concrete Overlays

Get more information on how to scope, design, or construct concrete overlays as cost-effective solutions for improving existing asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Optimized Aggregates

Concrete is a mixture of paste and aggregates (i.e. sand & rock). Achieving strong, durable concrete depends on careful proportioning and mixing of ingredients.

Quality Control / Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and control is an essential part of any concrete project. We have resources to help you manage a construction quality partnership.