No matter the size of your concrete project—from a new driveway to a 5-story parking garage—engaging your concrete contractor early on can save you time and money. 


In the past, construction only began once the design process was complete. Today, many projects are merging the design and construction phases to increase efficiency. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of engaging your concrete contractor early on in the design process. 

Faster Concrete Project Completion

When both planning and design can proceed at the same time, valuable time can be shaved off the project. If a contractor is involved in the design process, they can offer insight and point out problems and make changes before the project is complete. Issues that only a contractor would recognize might come to light and get resolved much sooner. 

If you can bring your contractor in before the design process is finished and have them begin laying concrete while other design aspects are in process, your project can be completed faster. Depending on the project, this can save several months. 

No Surprises in Your Concrete Project 

In many cases, the design plans are only released to the contractors once they are complete, then the contractors can start bidding on a project. If discrepancies arise with the design once it’s in the hands of the contractor, the design team is called back to answer questions or modify the documents resulting in delays and increased costs. 

When a contractor is involved early and can review plans throughout each stage of design, it makes it less likely that surprises will arise later in the process. Early teamwork eliminates change orders, delays and added costs. 

Reduces Risk for Concrete Contractors and Customers 

Early collaboration also reduces the likelihood of disputes between design and construction or various subcontractors. When everyone can share their input and concerns from the very beginning, everyone benefits. The risk of a redesign is lowered and the risk of confusion during construction is minimized. 

Getting your contractor involved early can also increase the likelihood that quoted prices are correct and you will get the most accurate pricing information possible. 

Depending on how many parties are involved in your project, planning a project that pulls your concrete contractor in early can also help create a feeling of teamwork and accountability. When your concrete contractor can offer input and ask questions early on in the design process, instead of once it’s complete, they can provide valuable insight, accurate pricing, and prevent costly delays.