The 2024 Dispatcher of the Year Award goes to Ross Jarrait from Messina Concrete. 

In the bustling world of concrete production, where efficiency and reliability reign supreme, there are unsung heroes who quietly ensure the wheels of industry keep turning. One such hero is Ross Jarrait, a dedicated dispatcher at Messina Concrete, whose unwavering commitment and tireless work ethic have made him a cornerstone of the company for the past 28 years.

Ross Jarrait


Ross, affectionately known as the "man of Monroe" within the company, embodies the essence of hard work and dedication. His supervisors at Messina Concrete challenge anyone to outwork him, as Ross regularly clocks in an astonishing 60-75 hours a week. Despite the demanding workload, he runs the Monroe plant single-handedly, deftly juggling three production lines and coordinating twelve trucks without missing a beat. His proficiency extends to handling all MDOT mixes, seamlessly switching between various aggregates and cements with precision and expertise.

What truly sets Ross apart is not just his exceptional work ethic, but his profound impact on the company and the community of Monroe. In this small town where relationships matter, Ross's extensive network with local contractors, builders, and suppliers has been instrumental in fostering lasting partnerships that benefit Messina Concrete tenfold. His reputation for reliability and integrity precedes him, earning him the trust and respect of clients and colleagues alike.

Beyond his role as a dispatcher, Ross exemplifies outstanding leadership and teamwork. He approaches every task with a contagious enthusiasm and a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. His commitment to Messina Concrete is akin to that of a family member, as he readily jumps into any position and works tirelessly to ensure the company's success. 

Ross's exceptional performance goes beyond the confines of his job description. In an industry where dispatchers often bear the brunt of frustrations from all sides, Ross's unwavering positivity and professionalism stand out. His impeccable phone manners and unflappable demeanor have earned him praise from clients who find it impossible to remain upset with him. Such is his influence that clients have gone as far as to declare that they would follow Ross wherever he goes.

Despite his demanding schedule, Ross remains devoted to his family, with a loving wife and two children. 

It’s clear that Ross Jarrait is an indispensable asset, ensuring the Messina's success for years to come.