The 2024 Cement Bulker Driver of the Year Award goes to Robert Stahl from Shafer Redi-Mix, Inc.

In the dynamic world of construction and materials management, reliability and accountability are the bedrock of success. At Shafer Redi-Mix, one individual stands out for embodying these qualities, Robert Stahl, an esteemed Cement Bulker Driver.

Robert Stahl


Rob's journey with Shafer Redi-Mix spans three years, during which he has consistently demonstrated unparalleled dedication and commitment to his role. What truly sets Rob apart is his unwavering reliability and accountability. In an industry where timely delivery of materials is essential, Rob ensures that daily production remains at an optimal level. His diligence in transporting materials to our plants has been instrumental in the continued success of our operations.

Rob’s positive impact on Shafer Redi Mix extends far and wide. He genuinely cares for the company, his job and his colleagues and it is evident in his willingness to train and guide fellow drivers. He goes above and beyond to support the team, whether it's by sharing insights about road conditions or by stepping up and doing what needs to be done. 

His versatility and willingness to adapt were highlighted when he transitioned from being a gravel train driver to taking on the challenge of the cement bulker role with enthusiasm and a positive mindset. Despite facing initial challenges, Rob embraced his new responsibilities wholeheartedly, exceeding expectations and proving his capability to thrive in any role. 

In the exact words from his nomination:

“Rob's contributions to Shafer Redi-Mix are immeasurable, and it is with great pride that we nominate him for this prestigious award. His impact on our team and the invaluable lessons he imparts to his colleagues make him truly deserving of this recognition. As we look towards the future, we are confident that Rob's legacy of excellence will continue to inspire and guide generations of workers in the concrete industry”.