The 2024 MCA Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Rick Wobrock from Doan Companies. 

In the fast paced and demanding realm of the concrete industry, where hard work and resilience are revered virtues, Rick Wobrock stands out as a great example of unwavering commitment and dedication to his craft. Rick, a longstanding member of the Doan Companies, was selected for the prestigious MCA Lifetime Achievement Award, a testament to his remarkable career spanning over 36 years.

Rick Wobrock


Rick's journey with Doan Companies has been nothing short of extraordinary. As the Quality Control Manager and Fleet & Area Plants Manager, he has been the backbone of numerous operations, ensuring efficiency and excellence in every aspect of his role. What sets Rick apart is not just his extensive tenure, but his unparalleled work ethic.

One story shared by his colleagues’ sheds light on Rick's extraordinary dedication. During a particularly challenging project, Rick went above and beyond, sleeping on the dispatch floor to oversee a 5800-yard placement. This level of commitment exemplifies Rick's willingness to go the extra mile without complaint.

Rick's positive impact on the company is palpable. His work ethic serves as a catalyst, inspiring his colleagues to strive for excellence. Regardless of the task at hand, Rick leads by example, consistently demonstrating outstanding performance, leadership, and teamwork. Whether it's resolving plant breakdowns or tackling truck malfunctions, Rick is the first to jump in, tirelessly working to find solutions.

Despite facing obstacles along the way, such as a significant injury where he broke his arm while working on the plant, Rick's resilience knows no bounds. Instead of allowing this setback to deter him, he persevered, even with the use of only one hand.

Beyond his life as a concrete professional, Rick's impact extends to his community involvement as a Lenawee County Sheriff Deputy, showcasing his dedication and passion to service both on and off the job. His multifaceted contributions make him a role model not only within the concrete industry but also in his community.

In reflecting on Rick's remarkable career, it's evident why we selected him for this prestigious award. Rick Wobrock is an embodiment of excellence, deserving of recognition for his outstanding contributions and enduring legacy within Doan Companies and the entire concrete industry. Thank you, Rick, for your years of service!