The 2024 MCA Concrete Young Leader of the Year Award goes to Graham Donahue from Bacco Construction.

Graham Donahue has made an indelible mark on Bacco Construction over his five years with the company. His dedication and hard work stand out prominently, as evidenced by his self-driven approach and hands-on demeanor.

Graham Donahue


One of Graham's notable contributions lies in streamlining the company's QC procedures, particularly in concrete and HMA QC testing and reporting. By simplifying these processes, he has made operations smoother for everyone involved. Furthermore, Graham's role as Quality Control Manager showcases his exceptional leadership and teamwork skills. He effectively communicates QC goals and plans, ensuring alignment across different stakeholders, including employees, technicians, suppliers, municipalities, and engineering firms.

Graham's impact extends beyond Bacco Construction. He actively supports local concrete suppliers, assisting them in navigating the complex certification and paperwork requirements for MDOT and other projects. His willingness to volunteer his expertise for training and teaching aspiring QC field technicians underscores his commitment to the industry's growth and development.

In addition to his technical proficiency, Graham's exemplary character shines through. Colleagues describe him as the epitome of politeness and kindness, always willing to lend a helping hand. His intelligence, coupled with his leadership and problem-solving skills, sets a high standard for the QC department and personnel.

Overall, Graham Donahue's contributions are invaluable to Bacco Construction. His presence as QC Manager has been instrumental in the company's continued success, and his exemplary qualities make him a role model not only within the organization but also within the broader concrete industry. Without his leadership and expertise, Bacco Construction would not have achieved the level of ease and success it enjoys in QC operations today.