The 2024 MCA Concrete Finisher of the Year Award goes to Dayle Richardson from Toebe Construction.

Dayle has been an integral part of the Toebe Construction Team for 15 years, consistently demonstrating exemplary qualities that make him an outstanding employee.

Dayle Richardson


What stands out most about Dayle is his unwavering commitment to quality work, punctuality, and attendance. He embodies reliability, ensuring that projects are completed to the highest standards and always meeting deadlines. Dayle's dedication to his craft sets a remarkable example for his colleagues and contributes to the overall efficiency of our operations.

Dayle's positive impact on his company is multifaceted. While initially hired as a pavement finisher, his versatility has allowed him to utilize his skills in bridge operations, where he has exceeded expectations. This adaptability strengthens his company's capabilities and enhances their ability to tackle diverse projects.

In addition to his technical expertise, Dayle demonstrates exceptional leadership and teamwork qualities. As the lead finisher, he leads by example, instilling a strong work ethic and fostering a collaborative environment among pavement finishers. His mentorship and guidance contribute to improved crew morale and enhance the quality of our finished products.

Dayle's contributions extend beyond the confines of his company, making him a role model for others in the concrete industry. His unparalleled work ethic, superior finishing skills, and willingness to share his knowledge exemplify the qualities that aspiring concrete professionals should emulate. Dayle's dedication to continuous improvement elevates not only our company but the industry as a whole.

Dayle Richardson exceeds expectations in every aspect of job. As a key member of the TOEBE team, his leadership, expertise, and commitment to excellence have a profound impact on their success.