Concrete Parking Lots

The benefits of a concrete parking lot

Considering a concrete parking lot for your business? Youre making the right move!  Concrete is durable, long-lasting, requires very little maintenance and is a smart investment for your business. It looks pretty good, too! Let's dig a little deeper into the benefits a concrete parking lot can bring to your business. 

Longer Life with Minimal Maintenance 

concrete parking lot can last 25-30 years (potentially longer), roughly 10 years longer than competing asphalt lots. On top of this impressive life expectancy, maintenance would be minimal.  Throughout their shorter lifespan, asphalt parking lots require more frequent maintenance which includes overall sealing, re-striping, and potential additional layers. 

Competitive Initial Cost 

Contrary to popular belief, concrete is very competitive in cost when compared to asphalt.  When comparing the products inch for inch (in depth), concrete is actually the less expensive choice.  In additionconsiderable amount of subgrade work is required to install asphalt parking lots, as well as separate curb and gutter installations.  Concrete requires less subgrade preparation than asphalt, and curbs and gutters can be placed along with the parking lot all in one pass. 

Low Overall Energy Cost & Enhanced Safety 

Due to its lighter color and smooth surface, concrete parking lots reflect more light than other materials.  As a resultfewer light poles and/or wattage is needed for the lot to be sufficiently illuminated.  This drastically cuts down utility bills (roughly 30-35% per year when compared to asphalt lots), as well as material and maintenance costs.  Bills have been known to reduce even more than that when utilizing other energy-saving devices such as LED lights for the fixtures.

Concrete’s ability to reflect light (as opposed to light-absorbent asphalt) reduces ambient temperatures both at the lot and the surrounding buildings.  These lower temperatures (especially in the summer) lower utility costs to cool office buildings and reduces maintenance/replacement of overstressed HVAC systems. 

Concrete’s brighter, more reflective surface also provides safer surroundings, making pedestrians and obstacles more visible to drivers during the day or night. 

Concrete Stands Out 

With its clean look and aesthetically pleasing lighter color, concrete is an eye-catching contrast to the average asphalt lots owned by most businesses. Having a concrete parking lot has the power to physically highlight your business and draw people’s attention. 

Gives Your Business a “Green” Reputation 

With the environment becoming a main priority in the public’s eye, any business showing efforts to become more eco-friendly is an extreme advantage.  Installing a concrete parking lot is one right step in that direction.  Apart from just reducing utility billsthere are numerous other eco-benefits to having a concrete parking lot: 

  • Less energy used on repairs over time - A concrete parking lot is low maintenance once installed, and efforts to repair will require minimal equipment / energy usage. 
  • Reduces “Heat Island Effect” – A concrete parking lot’s ability to reduce ambient temperatures helps fight against spiking temperatures in urban / commercial areas. 
  • Concrete contains recycled material Cementitious materials (all byproducts of different industrial processes)aggregateswater and even old concrete can all be reused to not only create concrete but enhance it.  More items recycled are less items in the dump.   
  • Can be manufactured locally – Transportation of concrete is minimized, reducing air pollution.  
  • No packing material is wasted – No need for pallets, boxestape, and other items to dispose of or burn.  All concrete comes mixed and ready to pour from trucks. 

Customizable to Match Your Business’ Image 

Concrete is completely customizable.  It can be coloredtextured/patterned, or even shaped to simulate other surfaces (such as wood, brick, stone and others).  Take advantage of concrete’s flexibility to best represent your business.

Altogether concrete is strong, durable, and stands the test of time.  Pair its performance with the ability to stand out, and you have a product that can be a perfect representation of your business.  This resiliency will be on full display the moment your customers and/or clients pull into your new concrete parking lot.  

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